Monday, April 20, 2009

Have a gang

Have just started a 15min gang to stay accountable to friends to spend time with God, away from distractions and really pray and seek his word. So far, we've got 3 in the grp! I should be more structured in how we keep accountable though.

One of the main reasons was that i've been been very inspired by how much Aunty Merrilyn depends on God and shows it through her emphasis and urgency to pray and read God's word. I was SOOO sad and feeling so guilty for calling her up quite late to ask her to speak at our centre for OCF. I msged her, then called her. But she didn't pick up or reply.. so i waited till night time, before calling her again. When she answered her mobile, she started telling me about how busy her whole day was: supposed to meet only 2 girls but in the end another 12 turned up unexpectedly, and her pastor and also her doctor. She haven't had time to eat dinner till 9pm+, and all her 6 bags of groceries were not yet unpacked too. And she kept saying also that she needed and wanted to pray before she called me back cos she hasn't had time to pray since 10am+. And she sounded soooo frustrated, not because she had to meet and talk to so many ppl, but because she just needed to pray and retreat with God. Found out that after she put down the phone, she wanted to pray for the couple she's meeting the next day for pre-marriage counselling, and also for our centre too. Found out also, that she prayed till like midnight before going to bed. Even though her meeting the next day was early in the morning.

So i realised how much.... i 'know' that prayer is impt, but that i'm not actually convicted by it! That i haven't been praying for soooo many things that bother me. That i'm not enough sensitive to the Spirit because i'm not talking and listening to God enough! I was soooo sad for myself, but yet spurred on by Aunty M.

So... in the 1 week after Easter camp, 15mins increased to 30-45mins for me. Since i lie in bed doing it anyway, before i rush to the toilet to pee or brush my teeth, which signals my stomach to start getting hungry for breakfast and wanna start my day. And... so far, reading the Gospel Parallels is fantastic. And as of today, 2 prayers have already been answered miraculously! It's a long time since i've felt this experience. The most major one i can last remember is gd grades with the Golden key, or Chuan Zhi agreeing to come for Easter camp. But not more than that. Cos' i haven't been praying much more than that.

Anyway, 1 of which, i must share. I've got a new mentor!!! I've been praying for another mentor cos' Darrell left last yr.. :( And it's difficult to catch up... Ok. Alot of it's my fault, cos i didn't really call her in Spore, facebooking now is not enough... Only in the past 2 weeks have i been seriously praying, cos i'm feeling a lack of discipleship. Both being discipled and to disciple others. So.. I persisted in prayer.
And... God told me very silently... Aunty M. I was like.. Woa. God, are you sure? Busy busy woman, board of advisors for whole OCF Australia, missionary to so many countries, currently ministering to already so many ppl......
I have this reverent fear for her. Her authenticity makes me so excited and spurred on, yet there's always this conviction too when i'm near her. Like i've got so many things still not sorted out right in my spiritual life. (e.g. Perhaps not walking right? not having the right attitude for God? not knowing my bible well enough? not giving many issues enough prayer? I don't know. Maybe it's her seniority also, and the fact that she knows so much more and has so much more experience too. That's why i'm usually very quiet when i'm around older and much wiser ppl. Cos i've got sooo much to learn, and i think the best thing to do is just keep quiet, listen and learn, rather than give opinions.)

Anyway, to cut the long story short. SA Leaders met up with her at her house, and just out of the blue, totally off topic, she just asked us all if we're currently being discipled. I said i was still praying for one mentor. And she simply asked if i didn't mind her being my mentor! Gosh. That was such a confirmation. I was thinking of asking her, but didn't have the guts at all. She actually asked me instead!

Aunty Merrilyn. When i talked to her for the first time at Convy 2008.

Wow. Mentor number 3 now. So many ppl have sown into my life. And i have learnt tons each time. Aunty M says she'll give me homework, with a firm tone. And i know that it'll not be pretty if i don't do it. :S But still, i respect her lots. Not cos of her title, but cos' of her Christ-likeness. And each time she shares, i feel that i need soooo long to actually apply her teachings / preachings / or even just simple stories about her life into my life.

I'm VERY grateful for a God who listens, who cares, and who loves me enough to teach me. And i'm blessed to have women of God sowing into my life. Thank you all...

Time to start discipling too... We're called to make disciples of all nations. Doesn't matter how young we are, or how un-knowledgeable we feel... Will Chin Chin say yes?

3 salvations on the edge for Flinders... What will i do about it?


What a Phil'lin ! said...

Hey mel! I'm so excited for you! :)

Woei Shyang said...

Wow Mel, this post really reminds me once again to the importance of prayer!