Monday, July 30, 2007

FRU aka Fire Rescue Unit

Today is no more work day! Sigh. Kinda saddd... Miss my colleagues lots. But I wanna change job le. Need to earn more money!
I've been working at MOE for 5 months with the people in Foreign Recruitment Unit (FRU - aka Fire Rescue Unit cos there's so much crazy work to do, or as Serene puts it, fun and relaxing unit. LOL. Just that little bit more comforting..) Everyone's just soooo nice!
Just some memories about them... like to thank them for making these days enjoyable.
Lixin! My poor unit couldn't find any temp staff to replace both me and lixin. So when lixin left the previous friday, i was bombed with work to do. And work got abit boring and quiet. Cos i'm don't know how to hype up the office atmosphere. I miss her so much! She always gets high and makes it so fun to do work all day long.. Haha. And she always introduces me to GOOD FOOD! Like... Sweet stone paradise at Golden Mile Food Centre! Marvellous waffles. My bro and i are quite hooked.
And the BEST bread shop - Provence at Holland V! Pleeease go try... We tried their wassants! The tiny breads that come in chocolate and cream flavours are always sold out within 1-2 hours after they're baked! We only managed to get some after calling to reserve. Cos they only bake it once a day at around 11am+. And the chocolate loaf, sesame cheese bread, milk bread, an pan.. aiya. all nice la.
And Vibez restaurant. Which I haven't tried, but from what eeling blogged and lixin said, it's tried and certified good!
And this really cool local food website called You can search for good food around Singapore. Check out the ratings, the map, and then go try!
And... teach you one cheer she taught me k? *chuckles*
Muscle muscle就是力量
Muscle muscle就是力量
Muscle muscle就是力量
haha.. must do with actions then funny... if you're lucky then i'll show you next time.. :)
(she really looks like maggie q when she was skinny last time! don't give up winnie! 减肥大计划! stop snacking le! and start eating your breakfast...) WINNIE! She likes to bully me.. Like tickle me and make me go to the fridge to take yoghurt for her, or take the printed paper from the printer for her. Haha.. But she's my bestest cosmetics consultant ever. She has TONS of good advice cos i think she has tried practically every kind of cosmetic and skin care.. haha. She knows the best deals and brands for each type.. and helps us get discounts! YAY. Like body shop 20% off! She told us which were the gd stuff there, and me and donggua just couldn't resist buying... haha. In addition to my favourite passion fruit body scrub, i got the blue corn deep cleansing mask (BEST deep cleansing mask i've ever tried. comparable to the Kose black mask!) and the blackcurrent reviving mask (REALLY freshens you up like aircon on your face and quite moisturizing too!). I LOVE SKIN CARE. Esp the Kose - Jinkisui range my mum buys for me... It has done wonders. :) Winnie's really cute too.. Likes to crack jokes and make fun of ppl.. Haha. lotsa charisma! :)
(still looks so young right?) JEANNIE! my boss. she's witty and quite a health freak! yea.. goes to the gym, dances alot and scrapes off all the cream from cake and fats and skin from meat..
(crying cos he ate chili padi in an attempt to make me stay longer.. haha. one chili padi in exchange for a day) JARRED! the gentleman aka "uncle toh"! and who likes to eat the turtle soup at my place.
JOYI! my assistant boss.. her face totally lights up and her eyes sparkle when she thanks me for helping her do stuff. can melt ahh.. haha.
Jyh Yun and Pui Yee! sweeties. and smarties just graduated from NUS! first class honours i think.
SERENE! she's like my "mentor" too. haha. just like Serene from church. She teaches me the ropes and guides me along throughout my stay in FRU. Also very caring and always concerned for me!
JOEL! Thank you so much Joel... Even though you're from Teaching Scholarships Unit (TSU), you've become like my spiritual confidant. Always taking every opportunity to build me up in the word and lending me these two christian books about BGR and the Holy Spirit which really answered alot of the questions i had that time.

I love MOE. Lotsa sales everyday with the 2 different shops. Spent alot of money.. ahha. Cos it's so cheap! And ahh~ the gym to run every few times a week with donggua or lixin! I feel toned and fit! Yea... Jiayou FRU + TSU! Everyone is really lots of fun and there seems to be no such thing as office politics at all.. :) Seeing the way everyone usually stays till like 10+ to do work, and being so responsible, i'm touched and inspired! But.. please get enough rest too lo. Must keep in touch! luvs ya all... *sniff* maybe i'll be back one day! haha..

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