Monday, July 23, 2007


Meaningless! Meaningless!
Utterly meaningless!
Everything is meaningless.

It's weird.
Sunday was kinda fun.
The sermon really taught me alot.
Church spring cleaning was cool. We cleaned Cana Hall with the air-con switched on! nice... Lotsa water splashing from Jackin! (how do you spell his name?) Haha.. He kinda smacked the chairs with his dripping wet rag and voila. insists that they're clean! A competition to see who can throw their filthy rag into the far away water pail. Manage to sneak in some drumming practice. With Isaac teaching me abit.. Yummy refreshments! We love church welfare! Haha.. My brother missed out on the powerful homemade glutinous rice!!! By the time he came down, there was none left for him. So much toppings! mushrooms, onions, shrimps... the wonderful person who made it didn't hold back at all!
Then Yanling, Yuxi, the 3 ducklings and I went to galilee to watch band practice and have some tuition. *Eunice!!! You must practise math! Keep doing and doing and doing till you're a pro. Don't be scared k? Juuuuust try. The more you try, the more confident you will be because you will learn how to do those you previously don't! Never give up.*

But just at that point of time... I sank into depression. Boo... everything under the sun is meaningless. I wonder what got into me! Maybe I suddenly realised I didn't have any specific / strict goals for myself. Nothing that I needed to work towards to if I didn't take the initiative. Or maybe I just felt empty... Or maybe I was listening to too many sad songs.

DIGRESS! Must intro everyone Yang Zong Wei! He is this new guy from Taiwan who sings those sad, painful, heartbroken songs really REALLY well. Kinda got hooked because Dong Gua introduced me to Chao1 Ji2 Xin1 Guang1 Da4 Dao4. Thank you DG! And for going let me have the whole season... hehs... It's like the Taiwan version of American Idol. Only many times better. Check out the 2 songs which have become famous ya? I'm like listening to them everyday. Oopss. haha.

ANTI-DIGRESS! Yup. So I went home to read the whole of Ecclesiates and like totally agreed, (well, i can't disagree witht the bible) ok.. maybe more like.. could understand what Solomon was feeling at that point in time. Agree that everything is meaningless. Haha.. But of cos that this referred to the things of this world. God's plan isn't meaningless. God's gifts to eat, drink and find satisfaction in work is goooood. But there's more!!! MORE. I know what I've got to do during this season. I'm just not satisfied cos there's so much more to be done...

So anyway... When I highlighted the important lessons to be learnt after everything being meaningless, (yes. please don't just read the first part of Ecclesiastes. There's many nuggets of wisdom scattered throughout the back as well) I decided to enjoy God's gifts and indulge myself with Meiji's hot chocolate... Awww... It's so heavenly. Just the packet of powder and hot water. MARVELLOUS! I even made myself a tiny sip amount of milo to taste the difference. Even though we all think that Milo is already very chocolatey.. It just pales in comparison! Then read abit more of my chocolate book and before going to sleep. Shall give some snippets of it next time! It's non-fiction and I learnt loads about this delightful brown thing. I think the phenyl-ethylamine and setotonin worked. Hehs. At least for the night. :)

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