Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Shumin!

Yun Hui and I baked a pandan fudge cake on wed for shu!!! It was really pretty and deeeee-licious. I'm proud to announce that it has my healthier choice symbol. haha. Cos we reduced the 200g sugar to only 150g! Yea.. So it tasted really good. Like a natural sweetness oozing from the fudge, and the sponge cake smelt sooo pandan-ish that it screamed "EAT ME!" Pandan is not the first flavour that comes to mind when i think about cakes, but this one was oh~ so flavourful! Hope Joseph cell enjoyed eating it. :)
Thank you, Yun Hui, for baking with me! It's so fun to bake with someone else. If I'm alone, I'll just be stressed trying to bake the perfect cake for the next precious person. Hope you manage to make nice sponge cakes from now on! Yayyy. Stick to the traditional method k? Sponge cake mix has lots weird chemicals and it doesn't taste as good as doing it from scratch and folding in the flour by hand... :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHUMIN! May you grow lovelier everyday and keep having that random madness, bursting with humour and insane laughter sorta personality. It's impossible for me to keep up, but an inspiration to all to stop being dull. :) p.s. thanks for the compliment!

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