Monday, May 4, 2009


May i get the chance to blog properly soon. So many things i wish to blog about. So many extremes happening.

The news, the issues, the human relationships, the birthdays, the cake i baked!, the dishes we whipped up, the OCF events, the 1, or even 2 conversions to Christ, the staying up to finish assignments and study for a test that went well today, the new jap vocab i've been learning, the someone who accompanied me to walk home for just that 5 mins that meant alot, the big news that someone told me that took me aback cos' i have no idea what will happen since long long ago, the smiles, the laughter, the pain, the tears, the need to call back, the lingering feeling about another thing that's perhaps happening and brewing and perhaps will turn out to be exciting,

the suffering that's leading to perserverence to character and always to hope.

Emotionally drained, but so encouraged by by God too. Wanna blog about those sermons too. I have so much i'm learning since Easter camp, leadership retreat, life beyond uni workshop, 15mins gang, personal prayer, and I WANNA BLOG.

Wanna cry my heart out, need a shoulder to cry on, to cry with ppl, for ppl, with God, for God.

Missing ppl back home too.

But first, another night up to finish my literary criticism essay on Ruth Chapter 1 for tmr. What a romantic love story, filled with so many themes and meanings and application points.
Can't believe this is the 2nd time someone is also staying up, and has been encouraging me while i'm doing work. How blessed am i? Biggest thanks to you!!!

Lotsa favour from God and from men...

Lotsa luvs,

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