Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Singing Muffins 2!


Entertainment filled week.

On Sunday, i watched The Phantom of the Opera, the musical with lotsa OCFers. Someone backed out at the last minute, and i was asked to fill the gap. WAS so tempted, cos' i had all along wanted to watch it, just didn't get the chance. But i already planned out what i needed to study for the day, and so turned it out at first.. After alot of persuasion, i decided to indulge for once, and just not study for the day. heh. IT WAS SOOOOO GD. I even cried at the end when Christine left the phantom for Raoul, and the phantom looked so miserable. Anthony Warlow's singing was Fantastic. So i was in the 'opera' or 'singing' mood for the week.

Watched Angels and Demons today too! Right after class. OMG. I read the book before, and the intense emotions of apprehension and curiosity, and the drama i felt for those few days, was all squished into a 2hr+ show. I was literally grabbing HuiYee most of the show, while nibbling on our homemade popcorn that we brought to the cinema.. HAHA. We had lots, and it was sooo much cheaper and nicer to make our own too. Feeling very emo after both Phantom and Angels. Haha. Why you say? I can't really put my finger onto them also actually. But it starts prob cos' it touched 2 things that are very dear to my heart. Relationships and religion (and science intertwined of cos'). I still gotta think thru' abit more stuff to figure out my response after my emo reactions after the great shows. :)

Anyway, Opera got me really hyped up for the rehearsals i had for the week before Music Night.

We sang well i think! Managed to have fun, over all our nerves, and just entertain ourselves and others. Sang in the same format as last year.

Lame song: 'Onions make my Cry' by the dog, from The Muppets
Nice chinese song: '小酒窝' by 林俊杰 and Asa.
Nice English song: 'Everything in its Time' by Corrine May

Yup. I was chocolate muffin this time. Sam was Strawberry Muffin, and Han Ee took over as the new flavour of the season, banana muffin! Haha. We just change flavours as we change shirts anyway. So it's easy and just fun. Blueberry muffin (Anna), was busy... :( But we did include her in our intro to the grp.

Had some warming up, and giggles from the first song. So it broke the ice, and was exactly the reaction we were looking for. And we sang our hearts out for the next 2! Yay. Thank you all who came to listen to us sing. It's really nice to have friends around! If not it would be quite meaningless. Esp, since it's super duper assignments and exams around the corner season.

Heard that the video might be put up on facebook? Haha.. That would be cool. It's memories that i cherish right here on my hill. (Flinders Housing, Uni, Adelaide) The new things that i tried (actually singing in front of ppl?), and the heart warming occasions we shared.

Anyway, back to work! So much to dooooo.

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