Saturday, May 9, 2009


It's a bad season. Two extremes in a day! Super happy cos' we celebrated a birthday, but also bugged by super little things. Perhaps i'm in the emo state these days. But.. I wonder what God is trying to say through it all... Anyway, quite tired emotionally.

But i cooked chicken rice. And i was happier, but the gathering i cooked for didn't happen in the end. :( So perhaps, it's good to get a breather, even though i was sooo looking forward to it!

Anyway, at times like these, it's good to read Ecclesiastes. Apart from all the meaningless bits, which take away my stress a little, for just once i really wanted to be selfish, and take away something i'm looking for to just to encourage myself a little in these trying times. I don't really care if its out of context. haha.

3:10-11a I have seen the burden God has laid on men. He has made everything beautiful in its time.

So there. God knows my burden(s). And he's going to make everything beautiful in its time. But i'm going to take the 'beautiful' bit, and use that to just go back to my normal state. A 'feeler' and not a 'thinker', and just look at the moon and the stars tonight. Cos' they're beautiful and they make me happy.

It's just too bad i'm looking at them alone outside... on a cold cold night. Silly ol' me.

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