Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The 1st day

I think my mum is the greatest. She has survived working in the bank for so many years!!!

I did just one day in the finance department and i got so giddy, i felt like puking. I stared at one stack of invoices and reimbursements and another 3 stacks of data to somewhat match against. Aghhhh... It was horrible. I didn't really understand the difference and i was very blur at what i had to do as well... Numbers, figures, and more numbers. Help.

It was so bad i kinda lost my appetite for lunch. Only managed to eat some of the healthy yong tau hoo. Then mid afternoon i felt so hungry i became giddy again. I was too cowardly to ask my super busy colleagues if i could go down to buy some food, so i went to the vending machine to buy some milo. Only to find out that i only had 25cents worth of coins and the milo was 30cents!!! ARGH. So i went back to my desk to keep working. But feeling really terrible. Sigh. Thank God like 10 secs later, 1 colleague came around offering home made sweet tapioca cakes!!! She saved my life...

Well... as more work came in at the later part of the day... i really fought hard to continue... Managed to escape at 7pm, starving and about to faint. At least i get OT. Sigh.

It is evening, and it will be morning. The 1st day. :(

And i'm supposed to use pain as material for endurance. Gambate!!! :x

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