Sunday, August 5, 2007

I love food...

I have been a pig. Haha... Eating too much lately, on the excuse that I've been running and therefore my metabolism rate has increased...

You Are a Hot Fudge Sundae

Classic, simple, and divine.
Why mess with perfection?

First there was the lovely bbq at Calvin's place with mostly above 19 YPMers and tons of much higher standard than the normal bbq food. Lovingly prepared by SERENE! YAY! There was like mashed potato with tuna and corn, various breads with balsalmic vinegar, olive oil and mixed seeds, sambal sotong, (even the plainly grilled one was so sweet too!) heineken drunken prawns, exotic beef with lots of garlic, mango salsa fish, porky pork, mushrooms, sweet potato, brinjal and mohito (is this how you spell it? the great concoction of ice cream soda, freshly squeezed lime juice and aromatic mint leaves)!!! And of cos, not to forget MANGO PUDDING! haha.. Gosh. Serene works wonders... My next goal will be to learn to prepare such good food.

Other than the great food and company, the atmosphere was so romantic too! Full moon, at the poolside and with music in the background... Aww. Can melt right? I likes. Here's one stylish picture courtesy of isaac low! So professionally done, he should be our photographer for every event that ypm has.. haha. The rest are in his blog! (linked at the right column)

Hehs. So anyway, i think it worked up such an appetite that i'm still eating alot. Starting with lotsa mango and mango pudding! Of cos i have extras at home even after everyone has eaten... :) The Taiwan mango is gigantic and cheap! Like 3 for $10! The sweetness is just right too. Usually we would use Thai honey mangoes. But it's more expensive even thought its sweetness is to die for. We tried using the King of Mangoes once. Indian Alfonso mangoes. Haha.. $$$! I think no need so posh la. And that one has abit too much fibre for a pudding. My favourite kind is sweet pudding with slightly sour mango cube toppings. SHIOK.
[Food fact! Mangoes are rich in caroteniods esp beta-carotein which is a powerful anti-oxidant. Has vitamins A, B, C and E. Great source of dietary fibre. Has enzymes that stimulate metabolism and purifies the intestinal tract. Has high iron content which is good for ladies and anaemics. Also a good source of potassium and magnesium! Plus, IT TASTES GOOD. :) ]

After the mango attack, I went on to eating the stuff I bought during my last few days at MOE. 'Strong Man' brand spicy tapioca chips and dark chocolate with almond nuts inside, PLUS all the Meiji chocolate that we bought at the Meiji Factory!!! Hahaa.. Super cheap! Go check it out ya? Every friday from 12pm to 3pm. Ok. I'm not so guilty la. Haha.. I eat for so long still haven't finish yet. *giggles*

Then just on friday, helu brought eeling, stell, amandia, aaron, samson, my bro and i to the dimsum buffet at mirama hotel! Oooh.. Interesting dimsum. I think i liked the fried chicken wings the best. Haha! Which is actually not dimsum. Their food was quite unique cos it's all done slightly differently from the norm. For example, the charsiew sou is not the usual long rectangular kind, but looks more like a big fried wanton (1st pict). The har gow has more soup than the xiaolongbao. Haha.. They have this big fried prawn thing (2nd pict) which looks like those dustballs that roll around in the desert. But that was really good. haha. So crispy and fresh! Yay! Eeling took lotsa pictures for us! So have you practised how to fling your wet tissue at ppl already? Haha..

Anyway, after we were all super stuffed, we went to the ktv at katong shopping mall to sing abit. Haha.. I found out that i'm really bad at it compared to like stell and amandia who had angelic voices... Then we bought the chocolate tarts at the basement! Simple and simply marvellous! Even though it's 70cents for such a tiny bite sized dessert, it was worth it! One day.. i'll bake something like that. Haha.

Then there were the doughnuts that lenee bought, and soon i will drink up the Swiss Premium chocolate drink that Amandia gave me! It looks even better than the Meiji Hot Cocoa. Then go for another bbq and bake more stuff! haha.. so.. i think i better go run again le.

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