Thursday, August 23, 2007


Yay. After making up my mind to take the risk, and after falling down many times, I think I learnt a new stunt at blading yesterday! Thank you matt! :)
And.. congrats to gideon who actually almost bladed all the way to the lagoon! 1st time blading and you persevered so far!!! :)
And.. was really encouraged by pamela, (can i call you pammy?) who shared her most ingenious way of sharing the gospel to whoever she meets. a pocket full of gospel tracts always ready to be given away! :)
And.. impressed by yunz who is so hyper about teaching. Your students are blessed to have you! Jiayouuu! :)

And.. grateful to doyle who helped me seek permission to crash tung ling bible sch today. Ppl at School of Ministry are really nice. Those i talked to were passionate and humourous. The rest I didn't know just smiled very widely if we had eye contact! It's a blessing to listen to Pastor Benny Ho's sharing about Answering our call to our Destiny. Very comforted to know i'm somewhere on the right track and spurred to pray for more direction from God!

Here's the cycle that he used to define living:
Live life -> Events accumulate (Keep reflecting and waiting upon the Lord) -> Listening point -> Detour if you disobey and go back to 'events accumulate' step/ Answer the call if you obey -> Soul awakened -> God's pleasure -> Live life and so on...

"The more yielded we are, the faster we get to our destiny"

And.. looking forward to see how life in NTU is like! Thanks leney and patrick for that cute conference call! I'm coming with home-made cookies... heh :)

And.. hopefully i get the job i just interviewed for. I'm becoming a tofu, nua-ing too much. It's fun. But my IQ is dropping... (yes. I actually check!)

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