Friday, August 24, 2007

2nd broken slipper :(

My favourite nude slippers broke just after i alighted from the bus!!! SNIFF. (yup. The shoe shop VNC really named it 'nude' cos it's beige and the strap makes it seem as though i'm not wearing any footwear... )

The sole came out, and so the vertical strap gave way along with it.. Argh! Luckily i alighted at the 48 bus stop nearest to bugis and not the one nearer to home... I literally had to drag my foot along with the leftovers to search bugis junction for footwear. After a while, i was smart enough to take a rubber band and at least put it over my foot and the leftover slipper parts so that it lasted a while longer while i shopped! (Shucks. But still not very smart la. I should've went straight to parkway to buy since i found out my slipper was going to fall apart) sighs. But because i'm really fussy, none of the shoe shops had anything nice...! :(

sighs. I was pondering if i should just continue dragging all the way home, or walk barefoot, or drag myself to perhaps bugis village or further to keep finding something. But, i couldn't stand walking like a half lame zombie anymore. So i figured that maybe I might have missed out some nice footwear along the way. So i prayed & searched level 1 & 2 again.
THANK GOD i found cute pumps in one of the clothes shops! Even though i would've preferred pretty slippers, and the pumps are not superbly glamorous, but they're so cute and Super Comfy! I love'em!!! Haha. I survived another pair of broken slippers! Yet again! (Oh well, no one to help me this time...)

My bag like also gonna spoil le.. hahaa.. It's peeling.
Ok! I wanna go shopping.. Anyone? Haha..

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