Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bigger Bang!

Got my hands on The Big Bang Theory Season 2!!!!!!!

Courtesy of Andrew. Time to spread the word. Abit like evangelism. So far, the seed has been sown to Cheryl. Alethea next.

As usual, a word in season from Edge Church sunday morning service.
To summarise:
Jesus's purpose: To give us eternal life, so he died for us.
Our purpose then must be: To obtain eternal life, because he loved and died for us.
But if God hasn't brought us back to heaven, our purpose here on Earth must not have finished. That's because, not everyone has received eternal life.
Therefore, our purpose now as Christians, is to influence and impact others, to point them towards Christ, so that they too will have an eternity with God and in heaven. Living just for ourselves, is just having a perspective to live for the temporal, not for eternity.

Another Sabbath day. I like days at home.. :) Study, pray, and prepare for meeting on Monday and Vision Night this Friday.

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