Saturday, March 21, 2009

Leadership Training

Had 2nd session of 'The Leadership Huddle'. I think this has been the best leadership training i've ever had so far, compliments to Raymond Lim of OCF. Very inspiring, very biblical, very practical.

Discussed the relevance, the uniqueness, and the needs of OCF in Australia.
And i guess this is really the foundation of OCF itself. An organization that God has comissioned, and cannot be replaced. A work that uses ppl who are called, not just volunteers.

Non-denominational, para-church organization, run by (mainly, or at least we have the independence) by international students for international students

Support group on campus, something that many churches find it very difficult to do
Group not bounded by the church's control, but still requiring their support. A different part of the universal body of Christ.

Problem of scarcity, esp when our priorities are actually -
1. Being a Christian 2. Being a child/parent(family member) 3. Being a student 4. Being an OCFer
and also the circumstances around our scarcity... We just can't do as much as we hope we can do.

Of cos, there's also the need of accountability (VERY impt), generational thinking, relevence to the culture of students, & strong leadership

Problem to this huge point about relevence is.. if we stop being relevent, there won't be any need for OCF anymore. Why not just let churches take over the student ministries?

As i ponder again about these points... somehow, there are so many dilemmas in my head. haha. Too many to share it all at once. Reaching out to the closest ppl around me is my first concern.. Here i can be so passionate about a work, yet i cannot seem to be able to reach out till i see the harvest. Till i know that someone is in the 'safe zone'. I know that it is the Holy Spirit that convicts. Yet somehow i just feel the pain when i think of the end, when everything else we have now doesn't matter anymore. Our fun, our school, our disputes... Only that personal relationship with God...

Anyway, just feeling moody tonight. And i'm trying to finish my assignment when i'm just not excited about it for tonight. So that's not good. So much to study too. Lagging behind in my understanding of lectures. I usually study and understand my work by the week (last yr).

I'm not very good at thinking, and i'm not very good at expressing myself. Perhaps i don't even really make sense. Anyway, i have a song that i think expresses part of what i feel for ppl i love dearly around me, but for now, i don't really know how to tell them that they need God. That without him we are like sheep without a shepherd, and we are not really 'surviving' without him, even though it feels like we are. If you get what i mean...

Perhaps a bit of what God feels about us sometimes? We all fail... Thank God for grace.

Come back to God... come back...

Perhaps i'll take some time off to spend with God in a nice quiet place beside the school lake tmr, instead of listening to a sermon...

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