Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cher-Mel's Delights!

In the past month, some of the more interesting dishes that Cheryl and I have made include...

(my first time making) Watercress pork rib soup with dumplings and noodles, with cut dried chili and soya sauce (dried chilli, because the fresh chili here is SOO expensive. $1 for 2 big red chillis can you believe it??!);

Grilled sandwiches with balsamic vinegar caramelised onions (NOT WORMS), roasted zuchinni and eggplant, and leftover teriyaki chicken (interesting zuchinni that i've never really used before);

(again my first time making. never knew it could be so simple!) 卢猪脚 with taupok, shitake mushrooms, black fungus and whole eggs, with porridge made using pork soup stock.

Red wine steak with shitake mushroom, accompanied with roasted potatoes with herbs, zuchinnis and eggplants, simple salad of lettuce and tomatoes (cos I quote Cheryl: Eat more Veggies!). We cannot forget our latest investment! Coopers Ale BBQ sauce and Red wine & Garlic Mustard. YUMMM. I thought Smokey BBQ sauce was the best. Coopers Ale is even BETTTER! haha.

Limau Purut (Lime leaves) Chicken Curry with $2.20 gigantic Naan, and some pineapple on the side to counter the spice!

Sometimes we just invite a few friends over on a Sunday night for a simple 'bring your own dinner' dinner.

Other times we invite our running buddies to have a more luxurious breakfast to reward ourselves for keeping fit! This one was the best we've had yet (we usually DON'T eat so much): Pancakes with golden syrup (or the honey that Cheryl takes instead), with strawberries, rock melon, bananas. Then cereal with yoghurt and milk. And tea of our choice! HAHA. Very good for students like us who need alot of energy to study.

And who can forget DESSERTS???

There was banana chocolate chip muffin. Because bananas are so cheap now! $0.70 per kg! (even though i still prefer my 'ang ba jio' and 'kim jio' best. the ones here are like starchier Del Monte bananas. not that great.)

Also, tried making a healthier version of 'Orh Nee', or yam paste dessert (and cheaper too, cos we used half white yam and half purple yam. the purple one was cheaper even though we found out that it wasn't so tasty) for a simple Fund Raising for OCF Easter Camp 2009! I think it's too healthy to satisfy my picky palate. Need to learn how to make the real deal. Anyone has a good recipe?

And Fresh Carrot Cake that told a story!

We thought 9 looked better than 10. But we just couldn't squeeze them all in 9 muffin cups.
So as we were waiting for them to cool before we could put the cream cheese icing, I decided we could take 'artistic' shots of them. (Was soooo hungry by the time we baked them, that I just had to busy myself with something, if not i would have just started eating without the cream cheese! Cheryl refused to let me start eating before it was all finished.)
Pictures were always with that 1 extra muffin at the corner. Haha.. Outcast muffin!

In different shapes...

even some for our names... (We have even been branded by our friends as 'Cher-Mel' for all our fantastic food!)

and more interesting ones... rainbow with smiley face (cos a rainbow is a reminder for God never to flood the Earth to destroy all life ever again. :) )

And... finally this one represents Unit 61!!! Without any outcasts... None in our unit! :)

When they were FINALLY cooled and creamed,

We all loved it! Including our 2 U.K. housemates! :)

More coming up... Stay tuned... *grins*

(Let x be my weight in kg at time of arrival in Adelaide on the 20th Feb 2009. Current weight is now x-3kg. Must keep running!)

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ioyces said...

hey Mel!!! All the food look amazing!! Esp the braised pork trotters!!! Looks so authentic!!!! Question abt the orh did u get the vibrant purple colour? ya...fresh chillies r so ex!!!! I found that if u get the dried ones (quite a big pack for $2+), snip them into small pieces and leave them in light soy sauce for abt 20 minutes, they pretty much taste like fresh?? or the chillies in soy sauce u get in hawker centres for dishes like fish ball noodles??