Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fun learning

Memorised 30 out of 50 hiragana! :)
It's so funny how i'm trying to make different weird associations for the funny looking characters.
1. ti ち is abit like someone kicking. therefore 'ti' or 'kick' in chinese.
2. ne ね is like 'nehhhh' in english, so abit like saying 'no', and the word is a small 'no' slanting to the right.

Anyway, weather abit rainy these few days. Many ppl falling sick already. Proud of myself for making chicken soup for Sam and passing it to her even in the drizzle. I will NOT fall sick. I'm gonna buy more chinese herbs tmr to 'balance' my body. So far i've only got 'cooling' stuff, which i took in the heat last week. Love TCM. :)

Grocery shopping tmr!
Glad i learnt how to make 炒番薯叶 in belachan on my own, trial and error style. It's fantastic. One of my favourite veg dishes at the 煮炒 stall. Tried making the kimchi on my own for the very first time too. Haha. Vaguely remember how Wonmi (my korean unit mate last yr) did it the last time. Got all the ingredients right, and it tasted half as good as hers. Only because i forgot to wash off the salt. hahaa. Shucks so it's super salty. Will try again soon!
This week, i'm going to make... fish head curry, 卢猪脚 or maybe steak, and perhaps.. belachan eggplant. Woo! So much better than having food provided... :)

Monday's a public holiday! Think we'll go strawberry picking on sunday, then invite ppl over for dinner on monday. We can have pancakes with golden syrup/honey/ice cream with STRAWBERRIES for dessert! YUMMY. I'm am... so in the right course, and living with the right housemate Cheryl. We get so excited just thinking about our menus. hahaha...

Very happy so far.........

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