Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cooking is her passion, and mine too!

Was supposed to finish studying for my Jap test today, but Chin Ting called me and Andrew out for lunch, and we had so much fun talking, and cooking simple dishes, including dessert as we eat. :)

I should have brought my camera along...

Anyway, finished making my jap notes after Hall and Village Path party, and learning how to make 盒子 (like a giant 锅贴) from my Chinese housemate. But spent the rest of the time reading a blog she introduced me to. All the way till past midnight. Can you believe it? haha.

Check it out. It's FANTASTIC. Feel slightly jealous, and tempted to go learn from NotterSchool of Pastry Arts in Orlando; FL too. Meanwhile, i know i'm in the right place studying.. and i'll just keep cooking and baking DELICIOUS stuff with Cheryl!

I really should post up pictures of everything we've been whipping up so far... :)

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