Saturday, March 7, 2009

Orientation Night

After another committee meeting on Monday night, and more planning efforts, we gather once more for Orientation Night on Friday!!! :)

Lotsa planned, unplanned, spontaneous, unexpected, hilarious, awkward, focused, enlightening, etc stuff!

Of cos, pictures here are biased for my sake. I picked out those that i'm mainly in.. haha. :)

Didn't take pictures of pre-service prayer, but a record number today! About 15! Even more than YPM pre-service prayer...
Praise and worship, followed by OCF vision videoAww.. Betty and Philana as emcees and games i/cs!
Got called out for 1st forfeit.. boo. lucky it was just pictionary.
Much better than finding red beans in yucky canned spaghetti.. LoL! Couldn't even find the last one...

Perfect picture to end the night. Lots of food too. But i think our camera ppl were too hungry, they just gave in to their stomachs. Dig in! :)

Next Friday, Vision Night. Oh man.. I... need to pray more...

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