Sunday, March 1, 2009

Orientation Week 1

We had a fantastic week of orientation! 1 week of being at the booth trying to reach out to as many ppl on campus as possible.. So tiring, but worth all the effort. Keep forgetting to take pictures when more ppl are around. haha. So it seems like there's only us few. But check out our banners. WOO! OCF Flinders!

Decided to reward our members with a BBQ and pool party @ Andrew's place on thursday night after that!

Chaos the neighbour's beautiful dog, with a bigger face than mine!
Half a heart, but not half hearted!
Bracers no more!
Synchronized swimming! 10/10

All of us on a floatie for 1.
Kallang wave, water style.
Freezing gals, with macho Joel.

Waiting for more pictures to be uploaded by my friend first, for Orientation potluck dinner at my place, our 1st gathering with the new ppl, and city tour on saturday.

Week 1 of orientation. FANTABULOUS. LOADS more planning to do. Onward OCF.

Reflection: Need to praise, pray and attribute thanks to God. He is moving to expand his kingdom. We just need to continue serving like how Christ did, and move along with his will. May we be good stewards for him. Wanna finish the race well...

May our vision be illuminated this year: A family, passionate to know and share God's heart.

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